Summer on Kauai 2024!

Summer on Kauai 2024!

As the days get longer and the summer rapidly approaches, Kauai beckons! come savor the coastlines, trails and adventures! Kauai Style vacations is right here for you…we set you up with the best safest and most fun activities! What ever you feel like…mellow morning walk on secluded beach, sunrise private boat trip down the amazing Na Pali coast, or my private guided drive up to Waimea canyon and Koke’e over look. There is so much to do and see . Ive been there and done it all through out my life, Fortunate to have been raised here and equally excited to share all my local knowledge with you. It’s all about safe fun memories to take back home! Let me know any concerns and dreams…i love answering emails and always answer my phone( unless in the surf…) Come breath in the morning take winds, lay by the salty shoreline, listen to the seabirds, immerse into our warm clear ocean. True local knowledge right here to share with you…see you soon!












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Kauai’s economy…

Kauai’s economy…

On a daily basis, i find myself in deep dialogue with various visitors on Kauai. I am open and honest with the many who really care about my island and all the hardships occurring. This is a simple paragraph to send out to those who love my island as much as i do.

Post pandemic, our struggles and anxieties have increased as with many other visitor destinations. We are in the midst of a desperate worker shortage that is compounding our vacationers experiences.

Please understand…Aloha is alive and true! The hawaiian essences of leading with selfless generosity “kahiau” and being of gracious service “kokua” flow outwards from our bone marrow. We still live our lifestyle of assisting all who choose to visit. Prices for housing have forced hundreds of ohana to move from their heritage birth place. Many others struggle to keep a roof over their heads working three jobs. I could go on and recite details and intangibles leading to our difficult time. Instead, I’m hoping to just relay my appreciation to all who come to Kauai and all of Hawaii to savor the unique wonders and beauty of our islands!!!


keep breathing

Kauai vacations…local born expert!

Kauai vacations…local born expert!

Although his pictures adorn large canvases in his office in Hanalei and smaller versions are for sale on tours of the nearby taro farm, it doesn’t seem like Kauai jack-of-all-trades Mike Lyons actually has time to take photos.
The former property manager of the largest home on the Garden Island—one rented by Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, and Hollywood executives, among others—and a frequent liaison with movie crews, Lyons has long been Kauai’s go-to guy for exclusive experiences that draw on his island heritage and wide-ranging work history.
His father, grandparents and great-grandmother, a Native Hawaiian, are from Kauai; Lyons was born on Oahu, graduated from Punahou (a year ahead of President Obama) and returned to Kauai 10 years ago. Along the way he became a certified lomilomi masseur, worked as an emergency medical technician and firefighter for Maui County, served as a lifeguard on Oahu, assisted Roy Yamaguchi in opening his first three restaurants in the islands, and helped launch SpaBar in San Francisco. Since moving back to Kauai, Lyons has taught surfing, led zipline tours, acted as first mate on a Na Pali cruise, and worked in guest services, along with facilitating production of movies such as “Just Go With It” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
Two years ago, he opened his own concierge business “to kokua (help) and kahiau (offer selfless generosity to) guests wanting hands on safe and fun adventures here with me as their guide,” Lyons said. An avid outdoorsman, Lyons leads hikes and camps, surfs and snorkels with guests in his favorite, often hidden places; he also arranges catering from a network of personal chefs and coordinates private sessions of yoga and Pilates with local experts. After so many clients asked him for help finding beachfront cottages and hideaways, he also got his real estate license — “only to rent, not to sell the ‘āina,” noted Lyons, who also only works with properties licensed as vacation rentals.
Kauai Style is the name of both his vacation rental and concierge services company, based out of the Kauai Tropical Properties office in Hanalei. It’s not far from the taro patches of Hanalei Valley, where some of his most striking photos have been taken, including one from last November that features three of Hawaii’s state bird, the endangered nene, in wetlands that mirror the fog and green mountains above.

Best Beaches On Kauai

1) Secret “Kauapea” Kilauea, down a fairly steep and gorgeous trail, this 2 mile white sand beach is where we run, swim, surf and explore on a regular basis. The trail keeps many away, especially after a rainy night, yet those who venture are amazed. Its our local beach and we know the conditions and its best to ask to be aware of potential dangers. If in doubt, dont go out.

2) Pila’a Kilauea  Always uncrowded, absolutely crystal clean water, amazing in its placement away from the hordes.   Down a steep trail, we pack lunches and snorkel gear to spend the afternoon.  Sometimes not a footprint is found.

3) Hideaways Princeville.  perfect little setup with a huge Kamane tree for shade, clean approachable water for snorkeling and surfing, this little nugget is found by more and more as its close to the resorts even though the trail is challenging.

These are just a few of our amazing beaches

Best Food on Kauai

1)”Baracuda” in Hanalei town continues to dominate with contemporary faire unlike anywhere else on Kauai. Simply plated yet instantly delicious tapas served in a cozy open aire decor, this is our favorite place to bring our Hollywood friends and spontaneous date nights.  The menu changes often and showcases farm to fork local organic ingredients expertly prepared. Smaller portions allow more choices and sharing is necessary and expected. The bistro style open kitchen and constant movement by staff and patrons creates a lively and positive experience. A MUST to try!!

2)”Dolphin” sushi bar is our favorite close to home tiny hole in the wall. The main Dolphin restaurant is extremely popular for its fresh fish and simple presentation and outdoor seating by the hanalei river BUT the sushi bar is where we sneak into. Always fresh off the boat fish and ast service, we dine here often.  Go early, eat slow, and enjoy the warm mochi dessert!

3) “Pau Hana Pizza” Kilauea serves home made from scratch pizzas to delight the most hard core pizza lover.  We always get the Pomodoro with artichoke and goat cheese, fresh basil tomato and olives. Smoked ono and parmesan, and others mouth watering choices abound. Best part is you can sip on wine n the court yard and the kids love to wander and pick flowers while waiting for their food.

4) “Palate” Wine Bar Kilauea is the new kid on the block. Smart and stylish, as if youre in a San Francisco eatery, this classic place has us hooked! Offering wonderful pairings of exceptional wines with pupu style food, we visit often and love to introduce our out of town guests to our neighborhood spot.

5) Haraguchi “Taro” Truck Hanalei dishes out the best authentic hawaiian food on Kauai!  This family grows and processes their own poi, “kalua” roast the delicious pig, creates the laulaus for beyond delicious plate lunches. Heres where i take my guests new to Kauai and wanting to eat real luau food without the huge expense.