1) Secret “Kauapea” Kilauea, down a fairly steep and gorgeous trail, this 2 mile white sand beach is where we run, swim, surf and explore on a regular basis. The trail keeps many away, especially after a rainy night, yet those who venture are amazed. Its our local beach and we know the conditions and its best to ask to be aware of potential dangers. If in doubt, dont go out.

2) Pila’a Kilauea  Always uncrowded, absolutely crystal clean water, amazing in its placement away from the hordes.   Down a steep trail, we pack lunches and snorkel gear to spend the afternoon.  Sometimes not a footprint is found.

3) Hideaways Princeville.  perfect little setup with a huge Kamane tree for shade, clean approachable water for snorkeling and surfing, this little nugget is found by more and more as its close to the resorts even though the trail is challenging.

These are just a few of our amazing beaches